Buffalo: I Bid You Adieu

I was born during the Blizzard of ’77. I quickly found out what it meant to be “from Buffalo”. I have lived in Buffalo for 33 of my 36 years. The other years I lived in DC- which I loved- but can remember sitting in Cole’s with my college friends at Christmas being told that […]

Houses vs. Homes

3 nights. I am sleeping in this house for 3 more nights until the movers start packing and loading for 3 days of chaos while I supervise and live in a hotel for over a week. Switching into parental mode in my attempt to keep the dialogue open and honest about moving, yet accepting of […]

The “American Dream”

Owning a home. That means you have ‘made’ it in America, right? You have achieved the American dream. As I clean out a home that we have “owned” for 6 years now it gets you thinking. We are renting in Florida. (A cut throat, no holds barred, stake your claim FAST process) A beautiful, freshly […]